Easy AC/DC Songs

One band that a lot of beginning acoustic guitar players overlook is AC/DC.  Bon Scott-era AC/DC has a surprising amount of songs that are primarily based on open chords like A, D, and G.  This weeks blog post covers their album, “Let There Be Rock.”
I’ve listed the songs in their order on the cd, and noted what song group they’re in (i.e. G songs, riff songs, etc.), what chords are in the song, some notes about the song regarding tuning if applicable, and what tempo the song is played at (approximately).  Obviously the faster a song is, the more difficult it will be to play along with the recording.

Go Down – Power Chord Song; Amaj, C5, D5, E5; tuned down 1/4 step, 136 bpm

Dog Eat Dog – G chord song*; Amaj, B5, Dmaj, Emaj, Gmaj; 136 bpm
* There is a B5 power chord in this song, but for only one brief section before the chorus, so I marked it as a G chord song.  Since you can play along with the majority of the song with open chords, even if you have problems playing the B5 chord, it would be worth learning the other sections.

Let There Be Rock – Power chord song; A5, B5, G5; fast picking on open 6th string; 180 bpm

Bad Boy Boogie – Riff song; Amaj, Dmaj, Emaj; tuned down 1/4 step

Problem Child – C chord song*: Amaj, Cmaj, Dmaj, Emaj, Gmaj; B5 chord in rhthm guitar duing the solo; 132bpm

Overdose – Power chord song; B5, B7, D5, Dmaj, E5, Emaj; arpeggiation in intro; 128bpm

Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be – G song; G, D, A, and E open chords; tuned down 1/4 step; 130bpm

Whole Lotta Rosie – Riff song; Amaj, Dmaj, F5, Gmaj; 160 bpm

I feel like songbook associated with this cd would be good to get for beginners, as there’s a lot of easy but fun rhythms to play on the open chord songs like Dog Eat Dog and Problem child.  The guitar riff on Whole Lotta Rosie is kind of fast, but still fun to play at slower speeds, and the power chord songs are all played at moderate tempos.


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