Fingerpicking Songs

Beginner Fingerpicking Songs

This list of beginner fingerpicking songs includes songs like Blackbird, Dust in the Wind, and other classic songs.  I would say the easiest one is “Wreck of the Day” by Anna Nalick.  “If” by Pink Floyd is also pretty easy, but it has some barre chords in it.

Fingerpicking Songs in Open Tunings

Some of these songs use open tunings.  Going to California and The Chain are in double drop D tuning; Bron-yr-aur is in CACGCE; Bron-y-aur Stomp is CFCGCF with a capo on the third fret; Dear Prudence is drop D.

Other Tips for Beginners

If you were taking lessons with me, these are the first five songs I’d teach to you:

Wreck of the Day
We Are Going To Be Friends
Hey There Delilah
Scarborough Fair

Depending on your knowledge of barre chords, I might also throw in “If” by Pink Floyd.