Free Guitar Lessons

Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners

If you’re interested in learning how to play guitar, but don’t want to spend money on private lessons to find out whether or not you like playing, check out the lessons I have posted under this menu item.  “Guitar Basics” covers things like how to hold the guitar, how to hold the pick, and other things you need to know before attempting to play.  “Beginner Guitar Lesson 1” will teach you how to play three simple chords that are used in songs and a scale to start building the dexterity in your fingers.  “Beginner Guitar Lesson 2” introduces three more open chords that are used in songs, and which prepare you for the chords you learn in the next lesson.  This lesson also shows you proper technique for playing the scale in the previous lesson.  In “Beginner Guitar Lesson 3” you learn how to play E major, A major, and D major, and also how to play the minor pentatonic scale.

Each of the “Beginner Guitar Lesson” pages includes a video, and audio file, and pictures.  The video shows me demonstrating how to play the chords and playing through the exercises a few times with explanations of what you need to focus on when practicing.  The audio file has less in the way of tutorials and mostly consists of me playing the exercises 8 – 10 times each, and is meant to be a practice tool for you to play along with once you’ve watched the video.   The pictures show each chord from two different angles – one from out in front of the guitar, and another from your point of view.

These videos are meant to supplement the material in the book I sell, “Beginner Guitar Chord Exercises,” which I published through’s company CreateSpace.

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