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So you’ve learned a few chords and diligently done your scales every day (you did practice your scales right?), and now you feel like you want to try playing some songs.  Here are some lists of easy guitar songs you can play based on what chords you know.

There is more to what makes a strumming song (for example) difficult than how fast it is; the length of the rhythmic pattern in measures is a factor and also how syncopated the rhythm is affect the overall complexity of the song.  Also, not every song on this list is just strumming entirely – some have a guitar riff here and there, and others might have a bass-strum pattern.  A bass-strum pattern is a technique in which the guitar player plays the root note of the chord, or the lower notes of the chord, and then strums the chord once or a few times.  It’s a pretty common technique.

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