G Chord Songs

Easy Guitar Songs Using The G Chord

This page, “G Chord Songs,” lists songs that you can play once you’ve learned the G chord.  These songs will also include other open chords like Cadd9, B7, and other open chords, but not C or F.

I generally show students how to play Bad Moon Rising and Dead Flowers as their first songs.  Students who have been taking guitar lessons for a couple of months are usually ready to try these two songs.  Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be by AC/DC is also a good one to try as there are long pauses between some of the chord changes.  If Love Is A Red Dress is a little more challenging and as it involves a lot of different chord changes  and also a B7 chord, so it shouldn’t be attempted until after trying the other three.  All For You is fun to play, but the chorus is a little challenging, and you absolutely have to use the four finger version of the G chord, as it involves making the other chords by leaving the third and fourth finger on the third fret of the first and second strings.